Adogi Traditional Council Organizes Cultural Fiesta


The Nasarawa State Governor, Engineer Abdullahi Sule, has urged all ethnic nationalities in the state to come together in unity, celebrating and sharing their diverse cultural heritage for the advancement and tranquility of the state.

Governor Sule made the call during the annual Adogi Cultural Carnival, organized by the Adogi Traditional Council in collaboration with the Adogi Youth Wing in Lafia.

Governor Abdullahi Sule emphasized that now is the opportune time for people from various ethnic backgrounds to join forces in showcasing their vibrant cultural traditions, thereby promoting peace and prosperity.

He expressed his confidence that the carnival has successfully united different tribes under one banner, providing a platform for solidarity and peace, reiterating that the Adogi carnival aligns with his administration’s commitment to promoting culture, tradition, and peaceful coexistence in the state.

Represented by the General Manager of Nasarawa State Environmental Protection Agency, Iliya Adeka, Governor Sule commended the Adogi Emirate Council and the Adogi Youth Wing for initiating the idea of bringing together all ethnic groups within the area to showcase their cultural heritage, reassuring the government’s support for fostering peace and unity despite any differences.

Governor Sule stressed that his administration is dedicated to executing more community-centric projects across the state, urging all tribes to come together, set aside political differences, and work in harmony for a prosperous future.

The chairman of the All Progressive Congress in the state, Aliyu Bello, expressed optimism that the carnival symbolizes unity and peace, showcasing Governor Abdullahi Sule’s commitment to uniting all ethnic nationalities as one family with a shared history in the state.

The convener of the Adogi Cultural Carnival, Comrade Aliyu Anzaku, said the carnival aimed to gather the local community to exhibit their rich cultural heritage, fostering harmonious living among various ethnic groups to attract development in the area.

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