Lafia Mosque Imam Emphasizes Quran’s Role in Guiding Muslims’ Daily Lives


The importance of regular recitation and adherence to the Glorious Quran by Muslims has been emphasized.Deputy Chief iman of Alsheikh Ismaila bin Zakariya Jummaat Mosque Ustaz Muhammed Yahaha stated this while delivering FRIDAY sermon in Lafia.

Ustaz Muhammed Yahaya focused on the virtues of the Quran, its benefits, and the importance of adhering to its teachings, expressing concern about how some Muslims neglect the Holy Book in favor of worldly pursuits.

Emphasizing that the purpose of human creation is to worship Allah alone, as prescribed in the Glorious Quran, Ustaz Yahaya questioned how some Muslims practice Islam without understanding the knowledge contained in the Quran.

Addressing societal issues such as insecurity and lack of proper upbringing leading to immoral behavior, the Deputy Chief Imam linked these issues to the failure to embrace the teachings of the Quran and the Hadith, which provide guidance for living on earth.

He urged Muslims to reflect on their priorities and give attention to their spiritual life, reminding them of the accountability before God and the importance of living an exemplary life to receive rewards and blessings.

Ustaz Muhammed Yahaya encouraged Muslims to realign their actions with the teachings of the Quran and strive to lead a life that reflects the values and principles outlined in the Holy Book.

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