Malam Abdullahi Adamu Encourages Faithful to Follow Hadiths in Juma’at Sermon


The Chief Imam of the Juma’at Mosque located behind NBS, Malam Abdullahi Adamu has called on Muslims to always endeavor to follow the teachings of the Glorious Quran as outlined in the Hadiths. He made the call while delivering sermon during Juma’at prayer today.

Malam Abdullahi Adamu noted that adherence to the Hadiths of the Quran is pivotal in attracting blessings from God.

The Islamic cleric expressed concern over the actions of some individuals who engage in activities such as drunkenness and gambling, which contradict the teachings of the Quran.

The Chief Imam who urged believers to refrain from such behaviors to avoid facing God’s judgement, encouraged believers to uphold the values of Islam and remain steadfast in seeking the truth despite the challenges they may encounter in life.

He emphasized the significance of continuous prayer and seeking the guidance of God, stressing the importance of remaining prayerful and relying on God’s guidance at all times.

Abdullahi Adamu reiterated that there are advantages in staying connected to God through prayer and seeking His face in every aspect of life.

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