Chief Imam Urges Muslim Ummah to Embrace Fasting and Almsgiving in Zulhijja for Blessings


The Muslim Ummah has been urged to observe fasting and engage in almsgiving during the month of Zulhijja, as it brings bountiful blessings.

The Chief Imam of Abubakar Sadiq Jummat Mosque in Bukan Ari,Ustaz Safiyanu Otaki Lafia, made the call during his Friday sermon today.

In his sermon, the Chief Imam of Abubakar Sadiq Jummat Mosque Ustaz Safiyanu Otaki emphasized the importance of fasting, almsgiving, prayers, and recitation of the Glorious Quran during the first ten days of Zulhijja.

He highlighted the significance of these activities as they are enshrined in the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad and hold immense blessings and favor for the Muslim Ummah.

The Chief Imam of Abubakar Sadiq Jummat Mosque also spoke on the signs of the end times in contemporary society, urging believers to remain steadfast in their worship of God and intensify their prayers.

Ustaz Otaki expressed concern over the negative activities of some youths, such as kidnapping, banditry, and armed robbery, calling for repentance.

The Islamic cleric also reminded Nigerians not to compromise their faith regardless of the circumstances they face but to stand firm in their devotion to God and service to humanity.

During the Juma’at prayers, supplications were made for God’s intervention and the sustenance of peace and unity in the state.

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