RICOWAS to Train 3,000 Farmers in Nasarawa State on Climate-Resilient Rice Production


About three thousand farmers in Nasarawa State are to undergo specialized training on  rice production to promote climate-resilient agricultural practices.

The National Coordinator of Scaling up Resilient Rice Production in West Africa (RICOWAS), Doctor Umar Umar Abdullahi, disclosed this during a training workshop organized for extension workers held at the College of Agriculture Science and Technology Lafia, Thursday.

The RICOWAS Project, operational in four states including Nasarawa, aims to equip farmers with the knowledge and skills necessary to adapt to climate challenges and adopt modern, sustainable rice production techniques.

Dr. Umar Umar Abdullahi, who is the National Coordinator of RICOWAS Project, said transitioning to climate-resilient farming approaches will not only boost rice production and soil fertility but also curb greenhouse gas emissions linked to traditional rice cultivation methods.

Doctor Abdullahi added that Under the project, fifteen extension workers have undergone intensive training on the System of Rice Intensification, a method designed to enhance productivity while preserving the environment.

The National Coordinator of RICOWAS Project, Dr. Abdullahi highlighted that the ongoing project, facilitated by the Agricultural Research Council, targets to train an additional three thousand farmers within the next year, focusing on climate-resilient rice production methods.

One of the Participants Yahaya Osheka Ibrahim expressed gratitude for the invaluable knowledge gained during the training, emphasizing the importance of adopting best agronomic practices for sustainable farming.

The workshop included practical demonstrations on rice planting techniques and the application of organic fertilizers, providing hands-on experience to support the transition towards climate-resilient agricultural practices.

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