NIMET Advises Nasarawa Farmers to Follow 2024 Seasonal Climate Prediction for Successful Harvests


Farmers in Nasarawa State have been advised to adhere to the 2024 seasonal climate prediction and Crop-Weather Calender released by the Nigeria metrological agency NIMET in order to avoid losses.

NIMET Chief Meteorologist (Agriculture), Mr. James Adamu gave the advice during a workshop organised for fifty small scale farmers and Agricultural extension workers at the NADP headquarters Lafia.

The  workshop was organised by the Human and Environmental Development Agency HEDA Resource Centre Lagos in collaboration with Association of Small scale Agro Producers in Nigeria ASSAPIN with the support of Oxfam Nigeria as part of the implementation of the African Activists for Climate Justice AACJ project in Nasarawa State.

The Facilitator Mr. James Adamu from NIMET in a virtual presentation said  because of climate change, Nasarawa State is expected to experience low rainfall beginning from late April to ending October  this year.

He explained that the state will experience dry spell as there would  be no rainfall for fifteen days between July and August, advising farmers to plant climate resilient crops in order to avoid  losses and increase their yields.

Mr. Adamu also gave seasonal climate prediction for the thirteen local government areas and crop varieties as well as the ideal  cultivation time to guarantee bumper harvest for farmers and the state.

The National President of ASSAPIN Mr. Joshua Jonathan and moderator of the workshop said the training was timely as it will help local farmers adjust to the seasonal climate prediction for the year, urging participants to ensure they step down the knowledge to their respective communities.

Some participants including. Mr. Ango Adamu of YMCA, Mr. Alokoson Isaiah of NADP,  Mrs. Justina Bala of ASSAPIN and Mrs Esther Rinze from Kokona described the training as an eye opener which will go a long way to improve their agricultural practices thus appreciating the organisers for impacting on them.

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