The Deputy Chief Imam of Lafia Central Mosque, Malam Yusuf Ahmadu has urged Muslims to reflect and evaluate their actions encouraging them to seek forgiveness and make necessary amends as the lunar calendar draws to a close. 

The Islamic cleric made the call while delivering Friday sermon at the mosque in Lafia. 

The Deputy Chief of Central Mosque Malam Yusuf Ahmadu emphasized the importance of self-assessment in preparing to meet their Creator with a clear conscience. 

He stressed the significance of correcting any wrongdoings through sincere acts of worship to seek Allah’s blessings and favor as the Islamic year approaches its end. 

Malam Yusuf Ahmadu urged the faithful to remember the transience of life and to live in accordance with their faith, reminding them to engage in acts of kindness such as voluntary fasting and supporting vulnerable individuals like orphans. 

The Friday prayer was attended by the Emir of Lafia, Justice Sidi Bage Muhammad (Retired). 

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