By Manass Geoffrey

The General Manager of Nasarawa State Youth Empowerment Agency NAYES, Abdullahi Bala, has warned traders and marketers at Ungwar Waje, popularly known as Changer Line, to refrain from conducting business on the roads, to avoid congestion.

Bala emphasized this during an operation aimed at assessing the level of orderliness and traffic flow on the roads.

The initiative was prompted by the construction of a flyover and underpass at Lafia roundabout, with the goal of ensuring that all alternative routes remain traffic-free.

During a visit to Ungwar Waje, Abdullahi Bala and his team ensured that the roads were cleared and instructed traders to avoid transacting on the roads saying strict measures would be taken against any individuals found violating the rules.

Explaining the purpose of the operation, the General Manager Nasarawa State Youth Empowerment Agency Abdullahi Bala said it was a directive from the state government to guarantee smooth traffic flow amidst the ongoing construction projects in the state capital.

He urged marketers and traders to avoid engaging in activities that could contribute to traffic gridlocks, assuring that the agency would remain proactive in keeping all roads free from congestion.

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