Score Card: Governor Sule Administration Gets High Mark in Health Sector


The health of citizens is the most valuable asset a country can possess among all its national resources.

It is for this reason that governments at all levels prioritize the healthcare sector.

In this special report, Correspondent Aminah Yusuf takes a look at the impact of the Nasarawa State Government on the health sector in Governor Abdullahi Sule’s  one year of his second tenure.

Recognizing that the health of citizens is not only a nation’s wealth but also its asset, the administration of Governor Abdullahi Sule dedicated significant efforts to advancing the health sector.

A key focus of the current administration has been the establishment of healthcare facilities across the state to address the basic healthcare needs of the population.

The State Commissioner of Health, Dr. Gaza Gwamna, highlighted the remarkable progress made under Governor Sule’s leadership in improving the state’s health workforce and transforming primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare facilities.

He noted that numerous primary healthcare centers have been renovated, upgraded, and equipped, with plans in place for further enhancements.

Dr. Gwamna also emphasized government’s increased investment in the health sector, including the approval of lecturer positions in nursing schools and the absorption of casual staff in various primary healthcare centers.

Furthermore, he said the introduction of the Health Insurance Scheme and the establishment of the Drugs and Supplies Management Agency by Governor Sule’s administration have significantly improved access to affordable healthcare services and quality drugs for civil servants and those in the informal sector statewide.

Contributing, heads of Nasarawa state Health Insurance Agency, Yahaya Bawa Ubam and that of the Drugs and Supplies Management Agency, Muhammed Haruna Wakil commended Governor Sule’s efforts in advancing healthcare in the state.

While acknowledging the progress made, some residents expressed a desire for increased involvement of grassroots communities in the healthcare scheme, highlighting the need for better access to medicines and facilities at the primary healthcare level to foster inclusivity and community engagement.

They added that through these collective actions, the Nasarawa State Government is actively strengthening its healthcare system to prioritize the well-being of its citizens for a healthier and more prosperous future.

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