Quality Education System as Factor for Development and Progress of Society


The development and progress of any society are often measured by the quality of its education system.

It is no surprise that governments at all levels prioritize improving educational standards as a key driver of development.

It is evident that a nation cannot prosper beyond its level of education, hence the importance of investing in education as a foundation for growth and development.

Nasarawa State, under the leadership of a responsive government of Engineer Abdullahi Sule has made significant achievements in the education sector as policies have been implemented to ensure affordable and quality education for all citizens, as confirmed by the State Commissioner of Education, Dr. John Mamman.

The transformation of a former school of nursing into a College of Nursing Sciences, as spearheaded by Acting Provost Mr. Zari Solomon, is just one example of the state’s commitment to enhancing educational opportunities.

Additionally, the government has been proactive in awarding scholarships to deserving students, as highlighted by the Executive Secretary of Nasarawa State Scholarship Board, Hajiya Saadatu Yahaya.

This inclusive approach to education has attracted commendation from various stakeholders, including the Executive Secretary for Civil Servants and Teachers Affairs, Daniel Gida Michael, President of ANCOPSS Ogiri Christopher, and State Treasurer of ASUSS Comrade Daniel Anyuabuga Yaro.

Recognizing the role of the private sector in education, the State Chairman of the Private School Association, Ogah Omako Ogiri, commended the government while also appealing for increased support for private schools.

Therefore, the collective efforts to bolster the education sector in Nasarawa State not only ensure a brighter future for the younger generation but also pave the way for comprehensive development in all spheres of human endeavor.

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