Tinubu’s 50 Members Task Force, Granted Six Months To Restore The Economy Back To Health


President Bola Tinubu recently announced the formation of a 31-member Presidential Economic Coordination Council, which includes key figures such as the Vice President, Senate President, and the Chairman of the Nigerian Governors Forum.

This council is aimed at addressing economic challenges and fostering coordination among various stakeholders.

In addition to the Economic Coordination Council, Tinubu also established a 19-member Economic Management Team Emergency Taskforce.

This taskforce has been given the responsibility to convene twice a week and develop a comprehensive economic intervention plan for the year 2024 within a six-month timeframe.

The approval for the Economic Management Team Emergency Taskforce was granted by the Federal Executive Council earlier this week.

President Tinubu has directed that the economic intervention plan, covering the next six months, must be ready for immediate implementation within two weeks of the taskforce’s inauguration. This move reflects a proactive approach to addressing economic issues and signals a commitment to revitalizing the economy.

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