One of the cardinal focuses of the present administration of Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa State is in the area of science technology and innovation. This is because Science and technology play a crucial role in the development and progress of any society. NBS focuses on the effort of the present administration in the area of science and Technology.

Unarguably, Governor Abdullahi Sule’s administration has made significant strides in the area of science and technology which focuses on improving infrastructure and educational facilities to foster scientific and technological advancement.

These can be attested when he completed and equipped Wing commander Abdullahi Ibrahim skills and vocational institute with the state of the earth facility and commissioned by former president of Nigeria Mohammadu Buhari.

In an attempt to achieve his purpose of effective service delivery at the institute, Governor Abdullahi Sule sent an executive bill to the seventh assembly seeking autonomy of the institute which was graciously passed.

These efforts reflect the governor’s commitment to leveraging science and technology to improve education and self reliance among youths in Nasarawa State, ultimately aiming to elevate the state’s standing in this critical sector as well as reduce unemployment in the state.

The Governor’s thoughtfulness can be evidential in various initiatives and projects such as the establishment of the Nasarawa Technology Village, Karu, which aims to foster innovation and digital skills development.

Giving the unemployment scale in Nigeria, Nasarawa state inclusive, the state government directed the training and empowerment of unemployed youth at the state relevant technology centers across the state with beneficiaries lauding the initiative.

Governor Sule’s focus on science and technology is also part of a broader strategy that includes enhancing educational infrastructure, promoting urban development, and supporting housing projects intended to harness the state’s proximity to the Federal Capital and its abundant resources to drive economic and technological advancement.

Interestingly, the ministry of science, technology and innovation under the commissioner Samuel Kafu Emgba and permanent Secretary Atinuke Chammang priotises training and re-training of science teachers at different intervals in line with the global best practices.

As the governor marks his first year of the second tenure in office one can conclusively say that a lot have been achieved in the area of science, technology and innovation as citizens look forward for greater impact.

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