Cleric Advises Congregation to Plan Effectively


Christians have been challenged to engage in effective planning that will enable them to be successful in their endeavors.

Pastor Sunday Joseph of Amazing Grace Baptist Church, Bukan Sidi, Lafia stated this during Sunday service.

Speaking on the topic “Creating successful and effective plans”, Pastor Sunday Joseph said as Christians it is expected that they come up with effective plan in all their activities if they must excel in what they do.

The Christian cleric who read from the book of Luke chapter 14 said it is disheartening to see a believer starting a new way without effective plan and tasked every believer to as a matter of urgency go back to the drawing board and make proper planning about their lives and that of their families.

While nothing that various types of planning may enable believers to be successful either as civil servants, businessmen or women, the cleric enjoined them to seek for more knowledge about planning, especially in their field of profession so that when emergency occurs they will not be stranded.

Pastor Joshua then attributed some of the failure believers encountered in life to their inability to effectively plan for the rainy day, admonishing them to learn how to plan and avoid extravagant spending, urging them to try as much as possible to document their plans.

Pastor Joshua Joseph challenged believers to pray for God’s plans to be perfected in their lives as well as putting their trust in God.

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